Hello! My name is Dela and I am a 20-years-old Journalism student. I am studying at the University of Malaga, and even though I love my city and the degree I am doing, I am way happier at NHL Stenden.

Written by: Candela Cardona Sarrelvo

For me, the biggest problem in my university is that the degrees are poorly focused. In NHL Stenden there is implanted a more open system. You are free to choose what you want to study and you can work on it.  In Spain, everything is way more strict. I think the Dutch system is way better, because the system lets people study what they want and give them the freedom to study the way they like.

Another big difference I saw is the way of teaching. I was in CMD (Communication and Multimedia Design) and I had to work on a project during the whole semester without strict scheduled classes. This would be inconceivable in my university, because the classes there are fixed from the beginning until the end of the semester. There are five different subjects every semester and almost every subject has its own final test and/or project. Fortunately, with Communication things are more similar.

One of the things that caught my attention at the beginning of the year was that everything in the school is in the same building. It might be a quite complicated system, due to all the stairs and different heights, but compared to my university, everything is close and together. In the University of Malaga, there are twelve different faculties, six in one campus, three in other one and three more in the last one.

Everything is so different this year, but I love the way it is. It is going to be so difficult for me when I have to go back to Spain, but while I am here I just want to enjoy NHL Stenden and everything it has to offer!

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