Back home in Austria I am studying Economics at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, also known as JKU. In general, the university offers many different study directions, for example Law Sciences, Medicine, Chemistry, Social and Cultural sciences. The JKU, which has around 19.000 students, counts as one of the biggest universities in Austria and it is the largest education institution in the state Upper Austria.

Written by: Anna Greifeneder






No matter where you go, education differs from place to place. Therefore, I want to point our three significant differences between the education at NHL Stenden and at the Johannes Kepler University, which is located in Linz.

Old-fashioned vs. highly modern

The public facilities for everyone freely available are not that pretty and new as here at NHL. The reason might be that the university is for free, at least for Austrians. I don´t know the regulations for foreigners exactly. The JKU has some new and well-designed elements as well, such as the “science park”. That area includes most of the technical departments. On the one hand a large part looks very old, but on the other hand we can enjoy a cosy, classic library with plenty of seats to study in a quiet atmosphere.

The Campus: small and grey vs. big and green

Between the buildings of NHL and Stenden there is just concrete floor and hardly any nature to enjoy during the break. Also, i find the gardens in school itself very small. The university in Linz is surrounded by nature because it is located in the outskirts of the city. The campus is full of trees and plants and there is also a pond with duck families. During the summer people relax during their free time by lying in the grass and often student organisations offer some activities like soccer.  Since 2015 there is also a gastronomy directly build on the water of the pond and the architect built it in the form of a ship.

Teaching methods: theory vs. praxis

The JKU definitely sets the focus on theoretical education. Especially in the beginning of the study (first & second year) consists mostly of sitting in a lecture with 50 up to 150 other students and listening to the professor.  There are two chances to write an exam at the end of the semester in order to pass the course. Later, the classes are getting smaller and more individually, but never as individually as here at NHL Stenden.

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