Our university is located in the south of Czech Republic and it has over 9,000 students. The university is divided into six faculties – faculty of Technology, Management and Economics, Multimedia Communications, Applied Informatics, Humanities, Logistics and Crisis Management. The first faculty was founded in 1969. The university is named after the famous Czech shoemaker Tomáš Baťa. He was also a mayor of Zlín. The brand ‘Baťa’ still exists and our university is cooperating with it.

Written by: Martina Kobližková and Petra Kmínková

We (Martina and Petra) are studying at the Faculty of Multimedia Communication, our department is Marketing Communication. In our faculty, people can also study artistic subjects such as graphic design, industrial design, 3D design, visual communication, glass design, shoe and fashion design, advertising photography and spatial design.

What’s very unique about our department is that we can organize our own events, which means we are also responsible for them. We participate in real events, all these projects are part of the subject called Communication Agency. Each student is a member of one of these sections: Production, Fundraising, PR and Promotion. Then there is Art section too. And of course, someone has to be a manager. So students manage each other, are responsible for money and create certain reputation for our department in the field of business in Zlín area. We can get real experiences from this. For instance: we have to fund money from companies to finance our projects and events.. These events are organized for general public. For example: one of the biggest projects, called Zlin Designweek, even has international visitors and the eventteam has over 60 members. Professors are encouraging us to be original and creative as much as possible. We are often working on challenging tasks, such as creating an entire advertising campaign over night.






We are used to following more courses in Czechia. On average we have around 10 courses in semester. Our semester is thirteen weeks long, and unlike here at NHL Stenden, it is not divided into two periods. After those thirteen weeks, we have an exam period, in which we have to do all the exams. The grades we get from exams also differs from the grading sysytem at NHL Stenden. Instead of being graded from 1 to 10, our tests and projects are graded on a scale from A-F (if you get the F you failed :-D).

Bachelor program takes 3 years and you get the bachelor (Bc. degree), and after that it´s voluntary to continue in master studies for newt two years, after that you will get the Master degree or Master of Arts.

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