Studying in Sundsvall, Mid Sweden: Madeleine Jenderman is doing it. Well, for the most part that is, because now she’s studying a semester at the Department of Communication of NHL Stenden. What she misses most, you wonder? Read on to find out.

Written by: Madeleine Jenderman








I study at Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall, and my major is Communication Science. It’s a beautiful university with two campuses. However, I couldn’t resist to study abroad before getting my bachelor, and that’s how I ended up here in Leeuwarden. There are some things that are really different comparing studying in the north of Sweden to studying in the north of the Netherlands, and I´m going to point them out now.

First of all, in Sweden we always have “an academic quarter” in every lesson. So if the class should start 13.00, it actually begins at 13.15, since we have the academic quarter. And here in the Netherlands they have a different system. The lesson varies in time over here; in Sweden every lesson lasts 2 hours, at least for my education.

Second, in Sweden I only have one course at a time, at most two courses at a time. Here in the Netherlands we have a lot of different courses during the same period of time, the same semester. I’m not used to that, at least not since my High School days. It’s really interesting to have a lot of courses at the same time. This gives a lot of perspective, since you can combine all the gained knowledge during that same period of time.

And last but not least, the thing I miss most about studying in Sweden is my microwaveand lunch breaks. We always have one hour of lunch break from 12.15-13.15 in Sweden and then you bring your leftovers and heat them up and eat. It is nice to always have a break in the day, and also to eat and talk about other things then just school work.

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