How is it to study at a university in Istanbul, Turkey? What are the differences between a university like this and NHL Stenden? Irem Yildiz and Umut Gonenden, two exchange students from Turkey, tell us all about their experience. 

Written by: Irem Yildiz & Umut Gonenden





We, Irem Yildiz and Umut Gonenden, study at Marmara University in Turkey. Now we’re studying here at NHL Stenden for one semester, at the department of Communication. In Turkey undergraduate education is four years. We are in the third year of the Journalism and Cinema Television departments of our Communication Faculty.

As exchange students, we know that going to another school means experiencing many differences. We think that one of the most impressive differences for all exchange students is that NHL Stenden offers free coffee! Aside from this joke, the opportunities provided by NHL Stenden to their students are extensive. For instance: the flexible working hours, the school environment in which students can spend time and the remarkable technical facilities for each department of the school. This makes this school and its education much more attractive.

Another difference is that our home university has many campuses scattered throughout Istanbul. The Communication Faculty is the only one in Nisantasi campus. Therefore there’s hardly a school campus life, nor a decent student population.

But also: our home university mainly focuses on the history and theories of Communication science in the field of communication. NHL Stenden, on the other hand, adheres much more importance to the application parts as well as the theoretical knowledge of communication. Here in NHL Stenden we have practical sense too, next to theory.

In addition, the course passing system is different here. At our home university, you have to do two exams in order to pass a semester. Also most of the time you are not expected to do any homework or group work. At NHL Stenden we have to do a lot of collaborations in groups and original productions for each lecture to pass the course. Participation in the course has become much more active than the common routine we were used to. It is a very different, but beautiful experience. This way we have permanent productions we can keep for a period of time!

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