My home university, called Linnaeus University, is located in the southern part of Sweden. It holds 34 000 registered students, offers 150 degree programmes and around 2 000 single-subjected courses, one of them is a Harry Potter course.

Written by: Christoffer Birgestam








Although our countries are close to each other, one might think that there are many similarities, however, there are some major differences. School in general is different when it comes to grading and the structuring of our school system, which will not be discussed since it is not interesting for me. What follows are the three most noticeable differences between the Linnaeus University in Sweden and NHLstenden in the Netherlands.

The first noticeable difference is that the Linnaeus University holds a campus, it is modeled after American university campuses and it is a meeting place for all the students. The campus offers lecture rooms, a university library, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, outdoor recreational areas and housing for students. I find this very nice because I am living very close to school, friends, and nightlife.

The second difference is that almost all the courses here at NHLStenden are practical courses. At the Linnaeus University, most of the courses are theoretical. Most of the grading is based on thesis, exams, and essays that usually have to contain 20 000 words, if not more.

Last difference is the prices in the school cafeterias. While you can get a coffee at NHLStenden for free (which is amazing), a coffee costs around one euro here in the canteen, but in our university, the cafeteria offers a small coffee for more than double the price, 2,2 euros. Food in general here is much cheaper, which makes sense because we are students and money is really scarce.

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