My so-called “home university” is The Mid University, which is located up north in Sweden in a town called Sundsvall. My major in Sweden is also within the communication field. Which is the same as here but my studies back home was called The Information- and PR programme.

Written by: Nadja Nordström

The biggest difference between NHL Stenden and Mid University is the fact that instead of one course in time, you read six courses at the same time. The courses are more practical in NHL Stenden compared to how they are formed in the Mid University.

In Sweden you take one class and they you finish it of with a written exam in a classroom or with a home exam where you get an amount of depth questions. There is also always a task that you have to do with your classmates.

The second biggest difference is the he amount of lessons. Since it is only one course at the time, usually there are only two or three lessons each week in Sweden. Whilst here, there are lessons almost every day. Even though, it is only a few lessons in the Mid University, you still study 100 per cent but it is a lot of individual studies and a lot of group work. In NHL, there is still a lot of homework and group work but you get a chance to study in your lessons as well.

The third difference is the academic part and the books. Back in Sweden, you have at least four books and plenty of academic articles and here there is around one book or none at all. The explanation for that could be that the courses in Sweden are much bigger and have higher credits. You spend your time with the books constantly and here you practice and learn in a more practical way and you learn more by doing rather than to reading tiring books.






The Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall       NHL Stenden Hogeschool, Leeuwarden

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