In every country the field of communication has a different background that combines their studies with another field, such as Journalism and Communication, Marketing or PR and Communication. But this does not necessarily happen in every communication department. There are some universities, such as NHL Stenden, that focus only on lessons that are related to communication.






Written by: Vasiliki Pistolaki

Among that, the educational system of every university differs, concerning the methods that lessons are teached, the way that students are evaluated and the terms and conditions needed to get a degree.

In the case of Greece and specifically in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the educational system does not have many similarities with NHL Stenden. First of all, the students that choose the field of Communication automatically study Journalism too, as the official title of this department is Journalism and Communication. The students follow lessons from both fields and in the second year they are able to decide which kind of profession they prefer.

In the first year of studying in this department the teachers tend to give lectures and focus on the theoretical part so that the students will have a general knowledge of their studies. From the second year and till the end of the program the lessons are mixed as they are not only theoretical but also practical. In contrast, at NHL Stenden, as a university of applied sciences, the practical part begins from the first year where the students have to work in several projects and during their studies they acquire a good experience of their field.





As  far as the evaluation is concerned, in Greece the teachers usually choose between exams or a final assignment from where they can decide if the student is worth passing or not. The lower grade a student needs to pass the exam is a 5 while in Netherlands the “magic number” is 6.

In conclusion, every country prefers a different educational system in which their students are used to. But there is always a possibility for them to explore how people study in other countries and decide which kind of education fitsbetter to everyone.

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